Greece & Turkey Fam
Greek Islands, Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia
Iran Fam Trip
Stunning architecture, ancient ruins & famous bazaars
Dubai & Abu Dhabi Fam
Dubai is a dynamic, modern metropolis where the beautiful landscapes of the Arabian Desert meet the sparkling beaches of the Persian Gulf.
Explore Caucasus Fam
Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan
Mongolia Fam & Naadam Festival
Explore the untouched lands of Mongolia

Featured Fams

sydney australia

New Zealand - Australia - Fiji Fam 

Explore breathtaking scenery, vibrant cities, and top attractions on this exciting voyage through the South Pacific. This 19-day fam trip takes you to New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. From the sun-scorched deserts and cosmopolitan cities to the warm tropics and rugged mountains, you are sure to return home with unforgettable stories and memories to share...


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Mongolia Fam 

Wild, untamed Mongolia is fabled for being as far away as you can get from civilisation. But the reality is far different. The capital, Ulaanbaatar, is awash with Hummers and wi-fi hotspots. Nomadic herders chat to each other on mobile phones and kids practise their break dance moves in the shadow of Chinggis Khaan's statue. Keep your itinerary loose and expect the unexpected.


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**NEW** - Best of Iran Fam 

There are few places in the world which have a history and culture as rich as this remarkable country, formerly known as Persia. You'll find a refined society that has been misinterpreted by world press, yet travelers to the country consistently attest that Iran has one of the worlds warmest and most welcoming people.It's history provides endless fascination and an atmosphere that is most definitely relaxed, and certainly enriching.

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Georgia - Armenia - Azerbaijan Fam

Formerly the holiday haunt of the privileged elite of the Soviet Union, Georgia is blessed with stunning scenery, a balmy climate and a rich variety of flora and fauna. With its stone houses built around vine-draped courtyards, and winding streets, the capital, Tbilisi, has a lively, Mediterranean atmosphere.Our next destination Armenia is a trove of history, littered with crumbling churches perched in spectacular settings. Landscapes transition rapidly from lush forests to shimmering lakes and stark deserts.



 travelworldnews logo mar10 You can read an article published in the Travel World News about this fam trip here

travel age west 2  And another article published in Travel Age West about the churches in Armenia here. 

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Silk Road FAM

Visit highlights of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Krygyzstan and Kazakhstan with expert English speaking tour guides. Our adventure starts at Turkmenistan. The lavish palaces in the capital, gold statues and marble monuments are as captivating as the deep mysticism and legend that hangs over pilgrimage sites and ancient ruins. This is a land that is at one time gripped by authority and yet overcome by spirituality.Our next stop is Uzbekistan. Few cities encapsulate the allure of the Silk Road as completely as Samarkand...

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